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Mitch Winehouse & Full Band Live -26th June 2017 at Pizza Express Jazz Club, Soho

Friday, February 24th, 2017

Evening all,

Pleased to announce another run of shows this year with my live band raising money & awareness for the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

We will be returning for another incredible night of live music to Jazz Club in Soho on 26th June. All funds raised will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation supporting our work with young people.

To purchase a table at the event and join us for an unforgettable evening of music buy tickets here now whilst still available. Previous events have sold out so purchase early to avoid disappointment.






Amy’s Yard Graduation & Showcase – Fall 2017

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Hi all,

Wanted to share some of the incredible photos from our graduation ceremony at The Forge in Camden on Monday.

Such an incredibly talented group of kids and graduates from earlier in the year returning to collect their official qualifications and certificates. Thank you to all who came down to support on the evening and to find out more about the Amy Winehouse Foundation’s work and the Amy’s Yard music programme visit our website now!



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Amy’s Yard Winter Graduation & Showcase Event – Amy Winehouse Foundation

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Morning all,

Last night saw the graduation ceremony and showcase of our current Amy’s Yard cohort of young students completing the course. Such an incredibly talented group of kids again and an honour to see them blossom on stage in front of a packed out venue of industry, friends, and family. Such a great crowd, thank you to all of you who came down and made the evening so special.


Find out more about the Amy Winehouse Foundation and the Amy’s Yard programme here.




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Amy’s Place – A Home For Female Recovering Addicts

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Amy Glasto


Hi All,

Wanted to take a moment to update you on the launch of ‘Amy’s Place’ and recent developments.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation has partnered with a housing provider to open a home for women recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, on the fifth anniversary of Amy’s death.

Known as Amy’s Place, the recovery house, which will be in operation from Monday, is based in east London and aims to help recovering female addicts reintegrate into society and sustain their recovery. It will be made up of 12 self-contained apartments, four of which are two-bed, and can house up to 16 women.

Our special project director Dominic Ruffy at the Amy Winehouse Foundation, explained the reasoning and details to the Guardian on why we have set up Amy’s Place. The general lack of women-specific services for addiction treatment in the UK, despite research showing that women have a far greater chance of relapse without such support needed addressing.

Read more on the project and excerpt from from The Guardian piece below:


“There are about six women-only rehabs, and beyond that, there’s an even greater paucity of women-specific recovery housing beds,” he said. “There is only one other women-only recovery house in London and it’s only a four-bed with a six-month waiting list.”

Ruffy, who has been in recovery himself, said while traditional rehab was usually made up of detoxification and intensive psychological treatment, a recovery house was a safe place for people to come out of treatment and be reintegrated into society, with support workers to help guide them.

“Picture a person who is 14 years old, has come from a broken home, hasn’t engaged at school, ends on a path of addiction and winds up at 25-26 years old going to rehab, learning how to get clean, and then leaving rehab and being told to get on with it. It can be as simple as not knowing how to go about getting your benefits or engaging in college.

“Our experience shows if you give people an extended period of time post-traditional rehabilitation treatment, you will improve the percentage of people who stay clean [in the] long term. We have a saying in recovery that the drink and drugs aren’t our problem, it’s living life clean and sober.”

Residents at Amy’s Place will be supported using a “co-production model”, which gives them shared control over the services that aid their recovery. To come up with the programme, the foundation consulted several women at the women-only rehab centre Hope House in south London, who described what their perfect recovery house would look like in terms of activities, workshops, personal development pathways and length of stay. Together, they created a three-month programme for new residents of Amy’s Place, which includes holistic activities such as yoga, relapse prevention groups, and potential skills and employability based workshops.

Laura, 35, a former heroin addict and mother of three, is planning to move to the east London centre after an upcoming stint in rehab. She told the Guardian: “I think it’s really important to have a place like this when you’re in recovery. It’s a new experience to come off drugs. Some people suffer from anxiety, some people suffer from other stuff, and it’s reassuring to have some support and help with finding a home and getting a job, getting back into normal routine life, which you didn’t have before as a drug addict. You have to learn it all as new.”

Laura said an all-women’s home would give her time to concentrate on herself, adding: “There are no men around, no distractions to help you run away.

“My aim is to be drug-free and to get back into life, and deal with my underlying issues that made me want to use drugs in the first place. I really want to leave this chapter of my life behind and start a new future with my kids and husband-to-be.”

Ruffy said it was important to have women-only recovery houses because “women tend to come into recovery with a host of complex issues, whether that’s physical, mental or psychological abuse”.

He said the foundation’s consultation with women in rehab showed that they all preferred a women-only house because “they wanted to ensure they were either safe and away from ex-partners, or safe from their issues around co-dependency, around men … It was evident there was a clear need and the women would feel more secure in an environment [where] they knew they weren’t going to be troubled by aspects from their past.”

Amy Winehouse died aged 27 in July 2011 from accidental alcohol poisoning. The foundation was set up by her family following the singer’s death, and works to prevent young people misusing alcohol and drugs, as well as to support disadvantaged young people to help them fulfil their potential. It has set up Amy’s Place with the help of Centra Care and Support, part of not-for-profit organisation Circle Housing, one of the UK’s largest providers of affordable housing.

Michelle Davies, the London regional director of Centra Care and Support, said: “We want to empower young women to remain in control of their recovery by providing safe and secure homes, personalised services and a vibrant community that will build on their strengths, experiences and preferences.”

Jane Winehouse of the Amy Winehouse Foundation said: “This project will make such a profound difference to so many young women, enabling them to have a safe environment in which to rebuild their lives and put into practice all the learning they have acquired through their treatment journey. Fresh starts are difficult to make, full of challenges, but at Amy’s Place, we will give young women the tools and support to help make this a reality.”





Live Performance – Pizza Express JazzClub, Soho

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Hi all,

You can get tickets now for my live show at Pizza Express – click this link to book and for more information:  Book Tickets  Cannot wait to see you in person and hope you will join us for a brilliant night of live music with my live band.

All proceeds go to supporting the work of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.


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Interview at Dey Bookstore, NYC for Harper Collins Live

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Morning All,

Pleasure to be interviewed for Harper Collins Live, at the Dey Bookstore in NYC discussing the work of the Amy Winehouse Foundation and our fundraising campaigns and efforts.

Watch footage from those interviews below and you can find out more about the incredible programmes the foundation runs online via our website. now.



New Soundcloud Page – ‘But Beautiful’ Streaming Online For Free

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Morning all,

I have a new Soundcloud page featuring some of my releases so you can now listen to the ‘But Beautiful’ full album online.

Here is the ‘But Beautiful’ Playlist:

Here is the ‘Bella Brazil’ Playlist:





Legacy of Amy Winehouse: Youths heralding the rebirth of jazz age

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Hi all,

Wanted to share this article on the ‘Legacy of Amy Winehouse: Youths heralding the rebirth of jazz age’ online in the Express.

” Believe it or not, despite being generations and an ocean apart, there is a direct link between Amy Winehouse and Frankie Laine: the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

When Laine toured the UK in the late 1980s the young swingers were his first choice of backing band, while a teenage Winehouse was a regular at NYJO’s Saturday rehearsals before she rose to fame.

The band’s founder, Bill Ashton, has said “she had the best jazz voice of any young singer I had ever heard.

NYJO is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary with gusto, a string of live performances and a double album – NYJO Fifty.

Established by Ashton in October 1965 as the London Schools Jazz Orchestra, it quickly acquired a reputation for excellent musicianship belying its members’ tender years.

The list of musical luminaries who have come through the NYJO finishing school includes trumpeter and bandleader Guy Barker, Strictly Come Dancing musical director Dave Arch, pianist Joe Stilgoe and saxophonist Ben Castle, son of the great entertainer Roy Castle.”


Read more over on their website: now!


Live: Mitch Winehouse & Special Guests @ Pizza Express Jazz Club, Dean Street 24th July 2016

Thursday, June 16th, 2016
Afternoon all,
Excited to announce an intimate upcoming live show with my sensational live band in London at the Jazz Cafe, Dean Street. I will be joined by some very exciting special guests! Cannot wait to see some of you in attendance. A fabulous venue and truly a cathartic experience this will be an evening not to be missed.

Live: Mitch Winehouse & Special Guests @ Jazz Cafe, Dean Street  24th July 2016

Performing in aid of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Mitch Winehouse brings his great love of jazz, swing and bossa nova classics back to Pizza Express Jazz Club.

Showcasing his two albums 2011’s ‘Rush Of Love’ and 2014’s ‘But Beautiful’, Mitch has performed all over the world with his remarkable band raising money for the charity set up in his daughter’s name.  Exploring the classics, he shares the great songs that he and Amy loved, reviving his first career as a young singer around London clubs.  A true aficionado of the form, expect classics from Sinatra to Jobim with a bit of Justin Timberlake thrown in for good measure.


Visit To The London Centre For Children With Cerebal Palsy

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016



London Centre For Children With Cerebal Palsy


Hi all,

Wanted to take a moment to talk about the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy (LCCCP). They have been working with disabled children and young adults since 1963 and it is an incredible service and after my recent visit on May 19th I wanted take a moment to highlight some of that incredible work.

It is the only Centre and independent school in London for children with cerebral palsy aged from birth to 14 years, which offers a specialised approach known as Conductive Education.

Their aim is to inspire children with cerebral palsy to develop independence, confidence and self-esteem and to achieve their full potential. Teaching children who come to the school and sessional activities how to develop and apply physical skills in everyday situations so they can be as independent as possible, now and in the future.

Some of the services run:

Their new site at Coppetts Road, Muswell Hill, has allowed them to expand the Centre and increase the services and facilities on offer:

  • Increase the range of facilities and equipment for children who come to the Centre
  • Double the number of children with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders who come to our school and early intervention sessions
  • Provide Conductive Education support for adults with a range of conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and people recovering from a stroke
  • Build relationships with our neighbouring community by opening up the Centre.

Truly a remarkable institution and one that we honoured to support and work with via The Amy Winehouse Foundation helping children in Amy’s name.

Please take a moment to learn more about the LCCCP over on their website now.